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Bendaloy® Beta Titanium

Bendaloy® (Beta-Titanium / Titanium Molybdenum) is a nickel-free titanium alloy having stiffness between nickel titanium and stainless steel. It has roughly twice the elastic range as TRU-CHOME® Stainless Steel at the same tooth-moving forces allowing for twice as much movement. Stiffness is significantly lower than stainless steel and higher than nickel titanium, providing a middle ground in treatment that is excellent for finishing and forming appliances.
  • Moderate to higher forces
  • Nickel-free beta-titanium – ideally suited for patients sensitive to nickel content
  • Excellent formability with superior resilience compared to stainless steel
  • Minimizes adjustment intervals
  • Permanent midline etchmarks: three lines for maxillary arch, one for a mandibular arch
  • Ideally suited properties serve to accommodate highly detailed customizations for precision finishing
  • Ideal for mid to finishing stages of treatment
  • Available in preformed arches and straight lengths