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Orthonol® Superelastic NiTi

Made of nickel titanium (NiTi) alloy, Orthonol® produces outstanding shape memory and delivers moderate forces throughout its superelastic phase. Available in both straight lengths and preformed arch shapes, the continuous force levels and shape memory are ideal for leveling and aligning stages of treatment as well as for use in coil spring form.
  • Ideal for leveling and aligning
  • Moderate, consistent forces
  • High flexibility and resiliency
  • Available as pre-torqued preformed arches
  • Available as reverse vector arches
  • Available in precoated aesthetic wire
  • Permanent midline etchmarks: three lines for a maxillary arch, one line for a mandibular arch
  • PurePak® wires are individually sealed patient packs, carton of 10