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Energy Chain™ Elastics

  • Super elastic memory following initial stretch
  • Manufactured using proprietary techniques and patented elastomeric materials exclusive to RMO®
  • Spacing variation between modules allows proper selection for space closure and ligation needs
  • Latex-free, non-toxic, non-staining
  • Package contains a spool that is 7' 6" (2.3m)


J00120 J00202 J00269 J00121 J00122

Grey J00166 J00203 J00270 J00167 J00168

Blue J00223 J00205 J00271 J00224

Green J00227 J00206 J00272 J00228

Red J00231 J00204 J00273 J00232

Purple J00235 J00207 J00274 J00236

Teal J00136 J00214 J00137 J00138

Pearl Blue J00139 J00215 J00140 J00141

Orange J00239 J00208 J00275 J00240

Porsche Red J00261 J00209 J00276 J00262

Black J00263 J00210 J00277 J00264

Light Pink J00265 J00211 J00278 J00266

Yellow J00267 J00212 J00279 J00268

Ivory J00142 J00213 J00143 J00144

Pink J00145 J00216 J00146 J00147

Spool Dispenser

Description Package Contains Order Number Qty Click image to enlarge

Crossbar rod and flip top lid makes organizing up to 10 spools of chain effortless 1 Dispenser J00600