Our Story

RMO® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of orthodontic products available worldwide. Our mission is to make and distribute innovative, quality products and deliver outstanding service, helping orthodontists achieve great clinical results and satisfied patients.

Under the ownership of veteran orthodontic manufacturers Michael Jahns and Brandon Bernacchi, the company is investing in new technologies and processes to ensure excellent product quality, availability and service to build upon RMO®’s distinguished legacy.

Mike and Brandon AAO 2024

Founded in 1933 by Dr. Archie Brusse, a pioneer Denver orthodontist, the company was among the first to offer prefabricated orthodontic appliances. RMO® vastly improved the quality and diversity of tools available to the orthodontic community, helping to develop the Orthodontic Specialty and grow the industry. The advances RMO® pioneered included the use of stainless steel in orthodontics, which eliminated the use of precious metals, computer aided design, and the utilization of metal injection molding (MIM) in manufacturing.

The company passed to his son, Martin Brusse, in 1949. Martin was responsible for expanding RMO®’s international distribution network, creating the foundation for RMO® to become a truly global company. Today, RMO®, in addition to our North American operations, has RMO® Europe (RMOE) based in Strasbourg, France, and over 70 worldwide dealers of the RMO® product line. RMO® was awarded the prestigious E Award for Excellence in Educational Marketing by two US presidents, and the company received the Colorado Governor’s Award twice in its history for consistent excellence in exporting.

Through the tenure of Martin Brusse, who passed away in 2009, and in the following years led by Tony Zakhem (Chairman/CEO) and Jody Hardy (President), the company continued to be a leader in orthodontics by remaining on the cutting edge of both manufacturing and education in the orthodontic industry. With our patented Synergy® bracket line, exclusive world-wide distribution of Energy Chain™, and achieving the first FDA approval for Temporary Anchorage Devices in the United States, RMO® has maintained their commitment to providing solutions to the challenges that face orthodontists on a daily basis.

Moving into the future, RMO® will continue to lead the industry with innovative, quality orthodontic products and service to meet the needs of an ever-evolving profession.