Bracket Adhesive

Whether your office prefers the flexibility of light activated adhesive or the precision of a chemical activated adhesive, RMO® has the option for you. TruLock® Light Activated Adhesive is a resin-based, fluoride containing bracket adhesive contained in a single paste that requires no mixing. TruLock® Primer Activated Adhesive is a paste-primer orthodontic formula. The unique filler and primer combination produces an ideal bond and a smooth viscosity minimizing bracket drift.

  • Bond strength of double the industry average
  • Low viscosity for minimal drift
  • Available in jars (primer activated only) or easy dispensing syringes and capsules

Band Cement

TruLock® Light Cure Band Adhesive is a single paste resin-based, fluoride containing band adhesive. The single paste adhesive requires no mixing resulting in reduced adhesive waste, consistent performance, and no working time constraints. The distinctive blue color allows for easy flash cleanup.

  • Single paste resin in easy dispensing syringe for simple clean up
  • Fluoride releasing to eliminate dental caries