RMO®’s tube systems accommodate treatment philosophies from around the world.  With our extensive line of prescriptions and options, we are able to meet the needs of your office.


  • Flared entry and exit to eliminate the nicking and binding of the wire providing you enhanced sliding mechanics
  • 80-gauge anatomical bases in short, medium, and long for the optimal bonding experience
  • MIM manufactured for slot accuracy with easy to grab instrument notch for placement control
  • Bondable and weldable options
  • Available in single or double tube options


  • Buccal and lingual tubes available to accommodate all Wilson appliances (lingual tubes available under lingual band attachments)
  • Used in conjunction with your current treatment philosophy to gain and maintain essential space
  • Using Wilson® Tubes, appliances can be easily removed chairside by the office while remaining fixed for the patient to eliminate patient compliance issues
  • Bondable and weldable buccal tube options


  • Self-Ligating first molar tubes facilitate quick wire changes without the needs of conversion or ligatures
  • Interactive clip for low friction in early treatment stages and control in finishing
  • Reliable clip to maintain functionality throughout treatment
  • Anatomical base for precise placement and treatment accuracy
  • Available in a variety of prescriptions to meet the needs of your office

SWLF® (Straight Wire Low Friction)

  • Tubes designed to be used in conjunction with the SWLF® technique
  • Flared Lead-In allows for quick and easy wire changes
  • Slot accuracy for enhanced treatment mechanics and case completion
  • Single, double, and triple tube options available