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RMO® aesthetic brackets are preferred by patients and doctors who want fast, efficient and discreet orthodontic treatment. With bracket options ranging from the flagship FLI® Signature Clear to the economical, yet high strength Alice Composite, there’s a perfect option to meet each patient’s individual needs.

FLI® Signature Clear Brackets

FLI® Signature Clear brackets combine translucent aesthetics with the strength of a polycrystalline.

Material:  Polycrystalline Clear Ceramic – 99.9% Pure Alumina Oxide

Prescriptions: Roth, MBT™ & Bioprogressive®

Slot Size:  .018 & .022 

Features & Benefits
  • Smooth, flared arch slot lead-ins improve sliding mechanics, delivering less friction than traditional ceramics
  • Fully translucent to allow natural tooth shading to show through
  • Tie wings with deep undercuts and downdraft for easy and more secure ligation
  • Superior mechanical bonding with patented mushroom-style base rails
  • Low profile with rounded contours delivers exceptional comfort
  • Polycrystalline ceramic (99.9% pure alumina oxide) assures unmatched clarity and improved fracture strength 

Signature III Brackets

Signature III is a ceramic twin bracket that is aesthetically pleasing and offers consistent and predictable bonding/debonding performance. This twin bracket combines a dovetail base for reliable bonding with unique rounded features at the slot wall junctions for decreased internal bracket stresses and increased strength. The combination eliminates the common causes of ceramic bracket fractures.

Material: Extruded Polycrystalline Alumina (ceramic)

Prescriptions: Roth, MBT™, Ricketts® Bioprogressive®, RMO® Bioprogressive® & Standard Edgewise

Slot Size: .018 & .022

Features & Benefits

  • Rounded junctions in the arch slot eliminates stress points on slot with a continuous curve, an innovation that dramatically reduces bracket fracture risk
  • Patented dovetail base design creates a reliable mechanical bond, consistent retention and simplified debonding
  • A unique, rounded arch slot floor provides for low friction in leveling and aligning while providing the necessary control for finishing

Alice Composite Brackets

Alice Composite brackets offer an economical aesthetic twin option in a high strength one-piece polyurethane.

Material:  Medical Grade Polyurethane Composite

Prescriptions: Roth, Standard Edgewise

Slot Size: .018 & .022

Features & Benefits

  • Easy and more secure ligation with tie wings designed with deep undercuts and downdraft
  • High-strength polyurethane improves ductility and fracture resistance
  • Low profile with rounded contours for exceptional patient comfort
  • Improved sliding mechanics and lower friction due to smooth, flared arch slot
  • Superior bond performance and consistent debonding with patented mushroom-style base
  • Micro-etched base adds bond strength
  • No plastic primers needed for bonding