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Multi-Action and Palatal Appliance

The Wilson® 3D® System of palatal appliances by RMO® allows for easy office insertion and removal due to our unique vertical lingual tubes.

The Wilson® Palatal Appliance (PA) can be used as a trans-palatal bar creating maxillary molar anchorage, molar expansion and contraction, rotation, torquing, and angulation.

The Wilson® Multi-Action Mandibular Appliance (MAPA) provides all of the features of the Wilson® Palatal Appliance with the benefits of the anterior arms. Anterior arms can be used unilaterally or bilaterally for anterior arch expansion.

  • Easy vertical insertion and removal by the office for adjustments to avoid time-consuming debanding appointments
  • Lingual appliances create an aesthetic option for gaining space and six planes of movement without the need for fixed brackets
  • Dual vertical notch tubes create a fixed appliance for the patient and removable appliance for the office avoiding patient compliance issues