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Retainers, Retainer Wire, and Clasps

RMO® retainer appliances, wires, and clasps are made of high-quality stainless steel or blue Elgiloy® wire. Whether you prefer our preformed Hawley and bondable retainers or to fabricate your own using our ideally tempered stainless steel wire and clasps, we have the accessories to meet your needs.
  • No. 2 Temper retainer wire is initially soft and becomes work hardened when formed
  • Clasp wire temper designed specifically for work forming to the desired clasp configuration
  • Preformed Hawley retainer forms made of blue Elgiloy® for easy contouring
  • Pre-sized bondable lingual retainers with 80-gauge mesh pads for easy bonding
  • Bondable lingual retainer kits with pads and braided wires for forming custom lingual retainers