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RMO® provides doctors a variety of bondable accessories to meet the flexibility required in successful treatment planning. Our precise manufacturing processes coupled with the reliable bond strength you demand, gives our bondable attachments the performance you and your patients require.

Bondable Lingual Retainers

RMO® offers doctors both the ability to purchase prefabricated lingual retainers and the necessary wires and attachments to customize a retainer for each patient. RMO® Bondable Lingual Retainers are designed as a pre-contoured offset bend that allows for proper contact with the lingual surface of the cuspid. Our preformed lingual retainers are made of a 304 stainless steel wire for easy adaptation and minimal adjustment. The 80-gauge contoured base increases locking action for an ideal fit. RMO®'s Bondable Lingual Retainer Kit provides doctors with wires and bondable pads to create a customized lingual retainer for every patient.


Direct Bond Lingual Cleat

The low-profile design of the Direct Bond Lingual Cleat with small wing hooks assures easy elastic placement or other treatment purposes while delivering maximum patient comfort. The metal injection molding (MIM) of 316 stainless steel provides strength to prevent bending or flexing of the hooks.

Direct Bond Lug/Cleat (Debnam)

The Direct Bond Lug/Cleat features a mesial-distal hook that is bent out from the base surface to effectively engage elastics. Bend them out or flat to maximize performance and patient comfort in your treatment planning.

Direct Bond Eyelet

The Direct Bond Eyelet is ideal for accepting wire and small diameter elastic ligatures. Providing easy attachment to the tooth for incredibly low friction wire or secure elastic placement, the direct bond eyelets are an excellent utility option for those difficult to reach teeth. Eyelets available for molars, central/laterals and cuspid/bicuspids.

Direct Bond Molded Plastic Lingual Button

Plastic injection molded buttons are designed with reliability and patient comfort in mind. An excellent option to use with elastics for both aligners and ceramic brackets, the reliable bond strength and translucent appearance provide the doctor and patient the aesthetics and performance desired.

Bondable Buttons

RMO® releases new Bondable Buttons for the U.S. and international markets. These low-profile stainless steel buttons feature an 80-gauge mesh round or rectangular base. RMO® offers either a flat or curved contour bonding base with smooth finishes and rounded edges for patient comfort.