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Elgiloy® Chromium Cobalt

Elgiloy® is one of the most versatile alloys used in orthodontics today. It is a premium, specially fabricated cobalt-chromium wire available in four tempers. Elgiloy® arches are delivered unheat-treated, allowing complex bends and loops to be made easily. After bending, Elgiloy® arches can be heat treated to significantly increase tensile strength and firmness as desired.

Blue Elgiloy®
  • Softest of the tempers
  • Best when bending, welding and soldering are required
  • Excellent for forming appliances, edgewise arches, lingual arches and retainers 
Yellow Elgiloy®
  • Initially ductile and slightly harder than Blue Elgiloy®
  • Excellent for flat wire techniques
  • Recommended where greater spring qualities are needed
Green Elgiloy®
  • Initially semi-resilient – comparable to high-spring tempered steel
  • Easily shaped with fingers and can be piler-manipulated before heat-treating
Red Elgiloy®
  • Initially “hard” with exceptional spring qualities
  • Used where adjustments not required after heat-treating