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Energy Thread™

RMO® Energy Thread™ is produced using the same proprietary thermosetting resin polymer as
our Energy Chain™ to ensure unsurpassed dependability. Our Energy Thread™ is extruded in two
cross-section square sizes - .018” x .018 and .026” x .026”. By producing this material in a square
configuration, it ties snugly and eliminates knot slippage encountered with common round
  • 20% more mass than round thread for enhanced force delivery
  • Resists plaque build-up, swelling, staining and discoloration
  • Smooth surface characteristics and hydrophobic properties prevent plaque build up
  • 25-feet per spool in clear or grey color

Round Plastic Thread

RMO®s Round Plastic Thread provides consistent resiliency while resisting stains, odor and moisture resorption.  Textured surface provides excellent knot retention. Clear and gray color blend with intra oral appliances.  Sizes include .025” and .030” in 25-foot spools.

  • Textured surface to securely hold knots
  • Available in Clear or Gray in size .025 or .030