Synergy® brackets are the most versatile brackets on the market. The six-wing design provides more treatment options than conventional twin brackets with added features that dramatically reduce friction and total treatment time.

Material: Stainless steel

Base: Stainless steel 80-gauge foil mesh

Prescriptions: SWLF®, Roth, Bench, Std. Edgewise, Ricketts® Bioprogressive® Classic, Ricketts® Bioprogressive® Original, Trimorphic® Brachyfacial, Trimorphic® Mesofacial and Trimorphic® Dolichofacial

Slot Size: .018 & .022

Features and Benefits:

  • Six-wing design provides multiple ligation options to maximize tooth-by-tooth control via Friction Selection Control (FSC)
  • Rounded arch slot walls decrease friction, simplifies wire insertion and keeps wire from binding
  • Rounded arch slot floor reduces friction with only 2 points of contact
  • Two-piece 80-gauge mesh pad delivers consistent, strong and predicable bonding

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