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RMO® offers three complete lines of orthodontic instruments.


These are premium instruments that represent the finest available at any price. Each Schweickhardt instrument is precision engineered to our specifications in Germany with hardened inserts that can be sharpened or replaced, resulting in a superior performance over an extended period of time. All instruments are crafted of 100% surgical steel, are forged and finished by hand. When properly cared for and utilized, Schweickhardt instruments carry a three years warranty on the material of the instrument and a three years warranty on the craftsmanship of the instrument.

Wire Bending Pliers
Bonding and Ligation Instruments
Band Seating, Contouring, and Removing Instruments
Specialized Instruments and Accessories


Apex incorporates ergonomic design, durable construction, surgical stainless steel box-jointed forgings with precision tolerances at an economical value. Hardened steel inserts improve performance and extend cutting life over similarly priced instruments. When properly cared for and utilized, Apex instruments carry a one-year warranty.

Wire Bending and Specialty Pliers
Bonding, Banding, and Ligating Instruments

Aligner pliers:

Stainless steel, ergonomic handles, quickly add desired features efficiently into any aligner for extra control over corrections.

Tongue Star™ Plier
Hole Punch
Tears Drop Hole
Horizontal Indent
Vertical Indent
Eraser Plier
Retention Dimple